The Root of Life.Корень жизни

        Pure spring rain will pour in the morning when you wake up and look out the window of a new day of life…
       The smell of the burgeoning buds enflame your young consciousness, where kindness and joy are flourishing…
       Are you ready to flit through the window and fly over this marvelous garden, although this is only a few tall trees under your window, outstretching blissful odorous branches…
      How beautiful young passion of life is, after the rain, and how blissful soil around your house is that emerald leaves open through buds….
        Your kind hands will nurture and grow wonderful rainbow flowers, bathed in dew throughout summer…
        The echo of their beauty will grow forever in your young memory and clear mind forever, which will also flourish, and bring joy to hundreds of pure colored young eyes…
        The beginning of your long flowering, life will never be interrupted, even if your brain will stop working, and the heart — beating…
         It is you, who breathed the divine smell of the swollen buds so young and so in time that weather changes in your life just brighten its meaning, without which you would have turned into a shapeless crushed grass at the roadside….


Автор: magsaund

Образование высшее, экономист. Живу осмысленно, имею привычку думать самостоятельно, т.к. всегда учусь чему то и имею свое мнение, и понимаю, что каждый несет свою ношу. Если ноша бросается, начинаются плохие привычки.

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