A white bird of love from the earthly life ruins

When the awaken wind begins its evening promenade along the yawning empty windows of deserted houses it will flush a white bird which will take wing in order to disappear for ever far away in the sky.

In bewilderment the strolling summer wind will lower its invisible wings carrying clouds of grey and brown dust.

One day the happiness of love has settled in this house.

And this spirit of love has thus far lived as a white bird in this house abandoned by people.

This white bird has enchantedly stored memories fearing to lose them along with the soaring of these feelings…

The wind cast down and surprised by such delight of memories will once more sweep across empty dusty blocks of flats searching for something alive and wrapping up with a dusty cloud the mysterious human existence passing into the depth of vanishing years…

The grey-haired web of time will just respond with a light smile looking at the flying away wind and sadly seeing off the bird into the endless expanse of the sky.

The sun would still flash out like a kaleidoscope through the sights and mirages of thoughtful clouds sailing and calling somewhere.

Green grass will sway from the steps of this wind which goes with the beginning and the end of life and the window looks of the abandoned house will start glowing in the beams of many-colored sunset like the eyes of this wonderful loving couple in whose life everything has already been predetermined….

And the wings of the white bird flown out of a deserted window opening will force these shimmering emerald green leaves that felt the smell of the comfortably-living early first love to shudder too.

It soared into this deep blue clear wonderful sky in order to melt in it for ever to the sound of the nonchalant century wind mixed with a bitter flavor of the existence’s dull ashes.

It seemed that this bird was fearfully and heart-rendingly rising from the ground up into the mouth of yawning eternity widely flapping its wings and dreading to remain here on the rounded earthy ruins which were already indifferent to anything….

Автор: magsaund

Образование высшее, экономист. Живу осмысленно, имею привычку думать самостоятельно, т.к. всегда учусь чему то и имею свое мнение, и понимаю, что каждый несет свою ношу. Если ноша бросается, начинаются плохие привычки.

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