The ghost of Baltimore

A pink sunset as a peculiar fabulous lotus exploded and became stock-still like a huge fog underneath the eternal mysterious Moon.

So much rest and peace below this light…

So much good wisdom and understanding…

So much soul brightening and love…

Here, on the shore of life, before the long flight into eternity…

Where close dear people and familiar places with past warm memories remain, with such a crystal-clear frosty air…

 So close and now far but where we still…

 It was nice and cozy there at that time, with those people, those thoughts, those steps and that love.….

It is yours for ever and it is always with you, behind your back, your heart, your soul and your sorrow…

For those whom we used to love.

For those whom we remember.

For those who will see us off to this everlasting voyage.

Who will wave his hand before the coming meeting….



Автор: magsaund

Образование высшее, экономист. Живу осмысленно, имею привычку думать самостоятельно, т.к. всегда учусь чему то и имею свое мнение, и понимаю, что каждый несет свою ношу. Если ноша бросается, начинаются плохие привычки.

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